Boise auto accident lawyer: Prepping for the first meeting 

You were injured in a road accident in Idaho and have sustained injuries. If the other party was negligent, you could claim compensation from their insurer by filing a third-party claim. Truth be told, winning a fair settlement is rarely easy as claims adjusters often try bad faith insurance tactics. Working with a Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer could be useful. Most personal injury law firms offer a free consultation meeting for new clients, which can be handy for knowing your case. In this post, we are sharing more on how to prepare for the first meeting. 

Get your documents ready

You must bring all the records, medical reports, and documents important for the case. If you get a report from the police, bring it along. Medical documents such as emergency treatment records and hospital records will matter, and if you have paid for other medical expenses and bills, get the evidence of all that. It would be best to come with your insurance papers and other documents and emails that show that you have missed work because of your injuries. 

Keep your questionnaire ready

You need to have a questionnaire ready for the lawyer. Typically, you will have to answer many questions related to the accident, following which you can discuss things with your attorney. Your questionnaire should include questions like – 

  1. How frequently do you take car accident claims at work?
  2. Will you work on my case, or will an associate be assigned?
  3. Do you expect this accident case to go to trial?
  4. What can I realistically hope for in a settlement?
  5. Will you take a contingency fee?

Most attorneys work on accident claims on contingency fees. The lawyer will not get a fee in such an arrangement until the client is paid. The fee can vary between accident lawyers, but the standard range is 25% to 40%. You can expect the attorney to take care of all the relevant expenses on your behalf until you get a settlement. This also depends on the worth of your claim. 

Be honest

Your settlement depends largely on whether you had a share in the fault. If you were partly to blame for the accident, your settlement would be lower. It is wise to be honest with an attorney, as they will decide on the strategy accordingly. 

Your lawyer needs your back, too, to win a settlement you deserve. Take your time to find the right accident attorney in Boise.

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