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The fentanyl crisis is a grave issue that has seriously harmed the American society. The situation has not been addressed well so far. A fresh, all-encompassing approach is required. If not, the fentanyl pandemic will keep spreading and the number of deaths will rise. The US should think about providing therapy to those who are addicted rather than attempting to instill fear of punishment in them. In the realm of global supply management, significant progress has been achieved. However, there is a lack of common commitment in international collaboration, and it is improbable that the situation can be resolved by supply alone.

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Now, let’s get to understand more about the fentanyl crisis by understanding why the drug is so dangerous, overdose rates, etc.

Fentanyl: What Is It?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid analgesic. These drugs are depressants, commonly known as “downers,” and are mostly used to treat pain. They also go by the name “narcotic painkillers” and are well-recognized for slowing down the central nervous system (CNS) activity. Depressants like fentanyl have a significant risk of deadly overdoses, which is one of the reasons they are so hazardous. Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroin. For years, hospitals have utilized pharmaceutical fentanyl to treat severe pain and surgical procedures; however, the drug is usually dosed precisely and given intravenously in an authorized environment.

This shows why the fentanyl crisis needs to be addressed efficiently.

Illegal Fentanyl

Illegal Fentanyl is produced illegally without the necessary oversight to ensure the safety or purity of the drug. Although it may be produced anywhere, Asia (China) and Mexico are the main production locations. This means that the two countries are substantially mentioned while discussing the fentanyl crisis in America. In the last two decades, illegal fentanyl has contributed considerably to drug-related fatalities.

Why is This Drug So Dangerous?

Fentanyl is a highly potent and effective drug. It is a powerful and potent narcotic, an opiate similar to heroin, yet the quantity of fentanyl required to cause an overdose and halt breathing is only around 1/50th that of heroin.

Understanding The Fentanyl Crisis in America

The fentanyl crisis in America has escalated into a grave public health disaster that is destroying communities and taking countless lives. This powerful synthetic opioid, which is up to 100 times more effective than morphine, is widely available on the black market and is often mixed with other drugs including heroin, cocaine, and fake prescription pills. According to the US Department of State, more than 70,000 Americans lost their lives in 2022 due to fentanyl overdose. The real number of overdoses was far greater, but thankfully, because of medications like buprenorphine, which can reverse overdose, the fatalities were fever. The crisis has been exacerbated by the ease of fentanyl production and distribution by Mexican drug cartels, who have capitalized on the high demand for opioids and the lucrative nature of the trade. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), fentanyl is a very deadly drug since it can be lethal in as little as two milligrams. Every community in the country has been affected by the crisis; no demographic or geographic area has been spared.

Who Is Susceptible to a Fentanyl Overdose?

Fentanyl overdose is not limited only to those who abuse the drug regularly or are addicted to it. You can overdose on the drug even while experimenting with it. Worse of all, drug dealers are cutting other drugs with fentanyl to enhance the ‘high’, thus, you may even overdose on it without even realizing it.

Signs of a Fentanyl Overdose

There are a few key signs to watch out for. They include:

  • Constricted ‘pinpoint’ pupils.
  • Choking sounds.
  • Discolored lips and nails.
  • Slow or no breathing.
  • Loss of consciousness/deep sleep.
  • Clammy or cold skin.

Once you spot the fentanyl overdose you can do the following:

  • Call 911.
  • Administer naloxone if you have any.
  • Try turning the person on their side for them not to choke.
  • Try keeping the person awake and breathing.
  • Stay with the overdose victim until help arrives.

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