What does couples therapy involve?

Perhaps you are considering divorce or have experienced infidelity – or you have doubts about whether you can find each other again. Couples therapy can help uncover the problems and help you move on. Couples therapy can also help breathe life into the relationship and strengthen mutual understanding.

Themes of couples therapy i.a. may concern:

  • Conflicts and arguments
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Worries
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual problems and jealousy
  • Lack of desire for intimacy

If you are in a place where it is difficult to see the way forward yourself, couple therapy can be just the right support to get back on track and strengthen the good between you. This applies both if you find that the relationship is faltering, in crisis or in need of new inspiration.

There are many reasons why a relationship can come under pressure: The balance between work and private life. Children, shared children or no children. Finances, housing, friends, sex… are examples of factors that have an impact on the relationship and that affect the way we are together.

Feelings that hurt

But it can also be about everything that takes place on the inner lines. What awakens e.g. jealousy, criticism, rejection, boredom, anger…, feelings that can both lead to arguments or silence us, and which cause the rewarding conversation to disappear. It is uncomfortable to be in and not least a difficult position to get out of. Fortunately, there is help available.

Meeting each other in couples therapy, parterapi, is eye-opening for most people, and can be experienced as both relieving and hopeful. It happens when listening to the other is sharpened, the words take on new meaning and the difficult gets new perspectives.

Are you tired of repeating conflicts?

And end up in the same place in those conflicts with your partner? Maybe just in a new version? Repeat the same pattern over and over?

Then emotion-focused couples therapy (the EFT method with god parterapeut) is a well-documented, scientific, effective way to uncover the root of the conflicts.

There can be many reasons for seeking a couple’s therapist. And some reasons for starting couples therapy can be:

  • That your relationship is joyless
  • That you miss love and contact – and perhaps lack closeness and intimacy?
  • Or you “work” well together if, for example, the children, but are no longer lovers.
  • Maybe you have difficulty communicating and finding solutions?
  • That there has been so-called infidelity, even though it is a no-go in your relationship?
  • That you find it difficult to deepen your love after many years of living together?
  • That your relationship has become more of a habit, a form that closes in on you, rather than the freedom to choose each other?
  • That sex has become a parched field?
  • That you think: Should I leave my girlfriend? Or: Can you leave someone you love
  • You are looking for a couple’s therapist due to divorce. And wants help so no one becomes a villain

Do you survive more than live in the relationship? Then I can help you!

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