What Is the Best Way to Select the Platelet Rich Plasma System?

PRP or a Platelet Rich Plasma is said to be a concentration of autologous platelets that contains the enrichment growth factors (GF’s). Platelets that are derived from this GF are very important for recruitment, proliferation, differentiation of cells, inflammation and even angiogenesis. These have been proven useful in various surgical procedures and even clinical treatments (especially in cases of plastic surgeries and dermatology).

You can now buy these PRP tubes online too, as many of the companies have started with their online store for your convenience. One is Dr RenatAkhmerov’sPlasmolifting Technologies which has been a fast-scaling health care company. They do sell PRP tubes of different brands. So, if you wish to buy then you can also do the purchasing online.

When it comes to selecting the plasma lifting system, it can be quite overwhelming to the clinics as it has a large number of different systems to choose from. So here we are going to elaborate more on this.

How to measure the effectiveness?

Not all PRP can be treated as equal. So, when you want the PRP to be effective than here are the four factors to be considered:

  • Low RBC
  • More of monocytes
  • Low Neutrophils
  • More of Lymphocytes

This is the exact formulation to get the most effective PRP to work.

What are the basics to prepare a PRP?

The most important thing to get the right PRP is to separate the ideal components from the undesired ones. Here are some tips for the same:

  1. Find a system that keeps the lowest RBCs in the end product. When a PRP has zero level of RBC in it then it is perfect for the PRP treatment. All different methods used like the hourglass configuration, flow cytometry and even second centrifugation will all have PRP so full of RBCs that the end product would look red in colour rather than amber. Only a gel barrier method can work as the gel can become a physical barrier between the two solutions keeping the RBCs at the bottom during the centrifugation method.
  2. A PRP system should be able to lower the level of neutrophils and have the maximum number of lymphocytes and monocytes in it. This is because neutrophils cause a pro-inflammatory and catabolic effect on that particular area whereas monocytes and lymphocytes can enhance the healing effect.
  3. As per the experts, a minimum threshold for platelet count should be 1 billion. So, it simply means that you need to reach the minimum threshold and not more than that. This is perfect for the PRP to be effective.
  4. For a good measure of the PRP system, you require to see the number of platelets drawn from the blood sample remains in the PRP sample. It is said that a platelet yield can range from 13% to 79%. In general, many manufacturers look into these minute details to make a good quality system that can preserve maximum platelets while others just make you draw more blood samples to reach level.
  5. Make sure PRP is kept away from any kind of viruses or bacteria around the office. This can cause contamination.

Many of these systems are easy to use, but you need training and practice to use the product. Make sure you use something user-friendly for the preparation.

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