How Demat App for Android Helps Traders?

As we know Demat account provides ease of storing your financial securities online. Having a Demat account helps you to save from the forgery and duplication of shares. So when you have or open a Demat account from a trading app, then you will receive a unique UID number. Depending upon the broker you get an option to open your Demat Demat account from NSDL or CDSL. Both of these depositories are popular ones. To trade in the Indian stock market you need to open a Demat account on any of this depository.

You can store different financial assets such as shares, bonds, mutual funds, and more. All these financial securities will be stored in electronic format. With all these benefits Demat account opening and maintaining is an easy process through the trading apps or online platform. These trading portals provide a lot of benefits these benefits are as follows:

Quick transfer

With the help of a Demat app you can, sell or buy shares anywhere. All you need to do is take your phone out and open your trading app and order share add its number and place your order in the trading app.

Convert your shares

If an investor owns a physical share or their friends or family has an old share, then you can easily convert these shares into electronic forms and add them to your Demat account. You need to follow the step provided by the DPs. And if you wish to convert your financial securities into a physical format then also you can follow instructions to convert your digital financial securities into a physical one.

Regular income 

Many listed companies in the stock market often give profit in the form of dividends or profit shares from their annual earnings.  So if you invest in these types of companies they provide you with better dividends. So each cycle duration you will go to receive a part of the profit on each share that you own.

Trade smoothly

With the smart trading app, whether a beginner or intermediate trader. With the accessibility of smartphones and the internet, anyone can trade and make the choice of their investment. Now trading app design and the user interface is so simple and with the help of online tutorial anyone who wants to invest in the stock market. Traders can also use various trading strategies from their smartphones, and increase their experience and quality of stock trading.

Low cost

Unlike the old days when you need to pay unnecessary charges, Now trading online is a much better experience. Now you have low fees and broker charges which will not damage your investment. Depending upon the transaction and quantity the charges can vary. There is also a tax exemption for a long-term trader and a few more tax benefits in online trading.

Low Risk 

The chances of forgery and fake certificates are already cut down by the implementation of digital financial assets. Now you can also make your trading secure with the latest technology and biometric login. You also get the OTP and other keys to ensure a safe transaction between broker and depository.

Insight and Research

Trader app provides you with the latest information and event related to the stock market. Investors can make their investment better through an informed decision. And this informed decision is possible through the research and analysis of particular securities. A platform that offers research and tutorial for various types of trading is considered to be the best platform for a Demat account. Learning more about the market and its daily activity help trader to become a professional trader and improve their financial portfolio.

Getting loan

Now you can also get a loan with the help of your Demat account. The Securities that you hold in your Demat account can act as a collateral for getting loans from a bank or any other financial firm

These are some of the benefits of using the trading app.  You can open a Demat account using the Demat account app for android as well as other platforms.


Trading using a Demat account and trading account is simple and quick. There are numerous brokers in India. But to start with you can opt for the IIFL Securities. You can use a  trading app known as IIFL Market available on both android and apple platforms. You not only get the best trading software you also get consultation and other resources such as stock insight and reports. You can open both trading and Demat account with the IIFL Securities and enjoy various benefits. The trading charges are also low and convenient for traders. If you are new to the stock market then also you can open a Demat account and make your financial portfolio better.

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