Preventing Ingrown Nails — Best Practices And Tips

Ingrown nails are usually seen in toenails, and the bigger ones are more at risk of getting affected. The nail grows into adjacent skin and causes pain and redness or can even lead to infection. If you notice this formation, it might be a sign of infection. In such cases, see a professional immediately.

 Ingrown nails can happen when you wear shoes that are too tight or cut your nails too short, etc. Thus, it would help if you took care of these essential things and not let them happen in the first place. 

Tucson, Arizona, receives a hot climate, and residents lead an active lifestyle, increasing the chances of the dangers of ingrown nails. People engage in outdoor activities, which increases the chances of foot damage. You can contact Foot and ankle care in Tucson to seek help and get proper treatment. 

Let us look at how you can prevent ingrown nails: 

  • Try to go out in comfortable footwear

It is essential that when you go out for any purpose, you should wear comfortable shoes. They should fit you, but at the same, they must leave proper room for your toes and not make it congested for them. When a person goes on a hike or engages in any outdoor activity, they might have to stay outside for a long time. 

Therefore, it becomes important that you wear something comfortable, thereby decreasing the chances of ingrown nails. Do not wear high heels when you have to cover long distances, do not wear the same shoes every day, and try to change them so that the moisture will not accumulate further. 

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  • Trim your nails properly by using the right tool 

Please do not make the edges round of your nails, as it increases the chances of ingrown nails. If you round the edges, it will make your nails grow into your skin. Moreover, to cut the nails, the clipper should be clean and sharp enough. Do not let your nails grow too long; try to maintain the habit of cutting them regularly and keep them clean. Nails should not be cut too short; leave some space as well. 

  • Moisturize your skin around the nails 

The skin around your nails should be soft to avoid letting your nails grow into your skin. Maintain a habit of moisturizing your skin around the nails daily. The edges should be properly moisturized. However, try not to use too much of your moisturizer as it can lead to infections. 

Contact a professional if you have an ingrown nail!

A professional can provide you with the proper treatment and help you alleviate any discomfort. 

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