Should You Accept the Settlement? – Some Pros and Cons Revealed

In many cases, people may want to settle a personal injury claim because they cannot wait for long to get the money they require to pay for medical expenses. In this case, contacting a lawyer and hiring him can be your best bet because he can review the terms and conditions of the settlement and suggest the best way. When you think about hiring a personal injury attorney in Ontario, you are on your road to getting justice. It is important to learn from him the pros and cons of settling the claim outside court.

Advantages of the settlement

When it comes to the out-of-court settlement, the benefits are endless. You don’t have to get into the complexities of a legal battle. Some of these benefits are:

  • Settlement is a quicker way to wrap up the personal injury claim. If everything goes fine with everyone involved in the case, you are likely to receive the amount within a few weeks only.
  • A settlement comes with less stress because the person does not have to visit the court repeatedly to settle the matter. It will cost more money, time, and energy for everyone.
  • The settlement also lessens the burden on the judicial system, including judges, juries, and attorneys. Several cases are pending in court because parties are not ready to settle.
  • When it comes to settlement, the ball is in your court. You and your attorney can accept or reject the settlement offer depending on what another party wishes to give. You can also negotiate the amount if you believe you deserve more.

Disadvantages of settling the personal injury case

It is worth noting the disadvantages of settling the case outside the court. Some of them are:

  • Experts tell that if a person goes to trial to resolve the matter, he may be offered more money than what would be offered during settlement. 
  • The judge will consider your suffering, pain, injuries, and losses before awarding you the compensation, which may be overlooked if you agree to settle the case.
  • If your injuries get aggravated after saying yes to the settlement, you will not be able to get the case reopened. The settlement is final, and hence, you will not get any additional money if your medical condition worsens.

It is suggested to ask your personal injury lawyer whether you should take your case to trial or get it settled. 

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