5 urgent reasons to see your dentist in Manhattan right now!

Ideally, you should go for a dental appointment at least twice each year. That’s the best way to avoid disease concerning your teeth and gums. However, there are situations when you cannot afford to wait, and at times, even preventive care is just not enough. In this post, we are sharing five urgent reasons to see a Manhattan, NY dentist.

  • A severe toothache: If you have pain in one of your teeth and surrounding gums, consider calling the dental clinic and asking for an appointment. Meanwhile, you can ask the staff whether you can take over-the-counter painkillers for immediate relief.
  • A cracked tooth: Our teeth are strong and durable, but due to many reasons, you could end up with a cracked tooth, which can be saved with early intervention. Check with your dentist, who can suggest the right ways to save the tooth from extraction.
  • An avulsed tooth: Injury, trauma, and periodontal disease are some common reasons why you may have a knocked-out tooth. If the injury is sudden, try and place the tooth in the socket, but when that’s not feasible, consider placing it in a container of milk or water. You should see your dentist within an hour.
  • Dental abscess: If you have swelling in your jaw, gums, and evident inflammation on your face, it could be a sign of an underlying infection. In some cases, a wisdom tooth could cause pain and impact your jaw. Visit your dentist to find the best way to manage the pain.
  • Lost/broken dental restoration: No matter whether you have a broken crown or a lost bridge, check with the dental practice immediately. If you don’t restore the appliance soon, you could have added complications, including inflammation and infection.

Finding a Dentist in Manhattan

Numerous practices in Manhattan can handle dental emergencies, but always choose to call the clinic before you visit. The dentist may often recommend things over the call, which can help manage the symptoms until your next visit. Ensure that you don’t delay seeking consultation, even over the phone, to be sure that you aren’t ignoring a possible issue that needs immediate attention. Most dental practices can arrange for an appointment on an urgent basis, especially when the patient has endured an injury or trauma.

You can find local clinics through an online search or can ask around. When in an emergency, choose a dentist you can trust for their time and expertise.

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