A Look at the Different Categories of Security Guards

Although the job of security guards seems quite easy, it is actually one of the toughest jobs of all. An ideal security guard possesses various skills and qualities that are required in the field. And these innate abilities with impeccable training is what makes them ideal in their job. With the growth in crime rate over the years, the demand for security has significantly gone up. As a result, there are several types of security guards and services that have come up. 

We shall take a look at a few types of security guards whose services are commonly availed of by businesses or sometimes private individuals. 

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  • Unarmed security

As the name goes, these guards are unarmed, but physically present at a property or business. Although they are without any arms, their presence is enough for keeping offenders away. Their job is to keep a track on all the activities in and around the property, monitor detection systems, patrol the location they’ve been assigned and respond to threats and stressful situations. It is thus, a multifarious job.

  • Corporate security

Corporate security guards are hired by private companies to protect the premises. These guards are known for their communication skills as they deal with front desk issues and communicate with the employees of the company. This type of security is specifically trained to deal with issues at corporate sites and are useful when you need day-to-day surveillance of a place. 

  • Warehouse security

Warehouse security guards are responsible for protection of property. Their job involves taking care of what’s inside the warehouse and keeping a track on who and what goes in and outside the warehouse. They need to stay alert, monitor people closely, and respond to alerts detected on the monitoring system. 

  • Armed security

Armed guards are considered for a place that requires top most security. These types of guards are extremely well-prepared for any sudden incident and well-equipped for the same. The presence of armed guards often keeps offenders away, but in case of some serious crime, these guards are trained for dealing with nerve-racking situations. So, armed security must be considered where efficient physical defense is needed.

There are several other types of security guards that are well-trained in their job. It is a job that involves a fair amount of risk as well as responsibilities.

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