Are you worried about dirty roofs? Here’s the solution!

Dirty roofs can affect your building’s aesthetic appeal. If you live in an area with plentiful rain, then it is not uncommon to see roofs with algae and mosses growing there. 

They can reduce your roof’s life by many years. Instead, if you spend a few bucks by hiring an expert like Zachs roof cleaning, then you can save on replacing the roof later. 

Benefits of roof cleaning 

Maintenance of aesthetic appeal is a major reason why people clean their roofs. But there are so many other reasons why you should regularly clean your rooftop. 

  1. Extend the life of your roof 
  2. Reduce damage to the roof; thereby, protecting the interiors
  3. Save your money on frequent replacement of the roof 
  4. A Cleaner roof means getting rid of algae, mosses, and other pests. 

The cleaning process

Soft washing is the process of cleaning a surface without applying much pressure. Roof cleaning mostly involves soft washing. 

It will ensure that mosses, algae, etc., get removed while cleaning the roof. When soft washing is done, the mosses will die almost instantly. The cleaner will brush off the larger residues. The smaller residues will wash away within a few months with rain and wind. 

Pressure washing is not used to clean rooftops because it can damage the roof tiles and even cause leakages. 

If you find that the roof is untidy, you shouldn’t try pressure washing as you would normally do otherwise. Cleaning your roof might seem like a good idea at first, but let us take a look at the don’ts.

If you are cleaning your rooftop, do not do the following:

  1. Do not clean on a sunny day. Instead, clean only on rainy, cloudy days. 
  2. Do not attempt to clean without taking safety precautions. Always wear safety gear, and find a safe space to walk and hold while cleaning the roof. 
  3. Do not apply excess bleach or other harmful chemicals thinking that more quantity means faster removal. 

There are many precautions one has to take while cleaning the roof. Besides, it will be a time-consuming process for non-professionals. 

The safety concerns are also real, as the chances of falling off the roof and injuring yourself are very high. So, hire an expert to do the work for you. 

The roof cleaning experts will do their job quickly, leaving you with perfectly clean, scintillating roofs. All you have to do is take the phone and call an expert roof cleaner like Zach’s

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