Dental bridge vs. dental implants: What’s better?

Losing your natural teeth can be traumatizing and affect your confidence. Thankfully, restorative dentistry has come a long way, and there are multiple ways to replace missing teeth. If you see a dentist, they will usually recommend two options after dentures – dental implants and dental bridges. Both procedures have a few pros and cons. Before you agree to Floral Park, NY dental implants, here are some things to know.

A look at dental bridges

A dental bridge is exactly what it sounds like – It has crowns on both ends that go over the adjacent teeth, while the artificial teeth are in between. Together, it looks like a bridge. With dental bridges, it is possible to replace two to three missing teeth for most patients.

Some benefits of dental bridges include a simplified procedure and lower upfront costs. You don’t need invasive surgery to get a dental bridge, and the costs are likely to be covered by insurance. You can complete the entire procedure in just two visits.

However, dental bridges also have a few disadvantages. Firstly, it must be replaced every five to seven years, depending on other facts. The overall appeal of the bridge will not be the same after years of use. Because additional health teeth need to be buffed to place the bridge, the procedure is not as safe as getting implants.

A look at dental implants

A dental implant is a replacement tooth root made of titanium. It is placed inside the jawbone and has a high success rate of 97%. With dental implants, you can get the most natural feel, and the replacement teeth can be mounted on these implants in the form of crowns, bridges, and implant-supported dentures.

The advantages of dental implants include durability. Your implants can last a lifetime. There is no need to damage healthy teeth because of the implant. Unlike dentures, the replacement teeth secured on these dental implants using connectors will not move around.

Conversely, dental implants require oral surgery, and not everyone is an ideal candidate. Many patients will need a bone graft, which can take time to recover. The upfront costs of dental implants are also a concern. As the procedure involves surgery, there are additional risks.

Final word

Talk to your dentist to know whether you should consider dental implants or dental bridges. Top clinics in Floral Park offer both options, but the final call depends on many factors, including the condition of your teeth, health history, and the number of missing teeth.

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