How do I Prepare for MPPSC AE without Coaching?

The MPPSC AE examination is organized by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission and it is a highly competitive test for the role of Assistant Engineers. The number of vacancies is extremely limited as compared to the large size of the yearly applicants. This is why preparing for the examination religiously is crucial to passing.

The MPPSC AE exam is a difficult examination. A lot of students join coaching classes to increase their chances of passing the exam, but it is not always easily accessible to all.

If you have decided to give the exam without any coaches, you have to have a strong study plan in place to pass.

How to Create a Study Plan to Prepare for MPPSC AE

If you are planning to study and prepare for the MPPSC AE exam on your own, you need to create an extremely detailed study plan and schedule to guide you through the preparation process. You must stick with the plan religiously right up until you give the exam so that you can put your best foot forward.

Start by going through the syllabus

The MPPSC AE exam is extremely lengthy and in parts. The syllabus for the exam is quite vast, so before you start planning you should ideally go through the entire list of topics that you have to study at length -to create a more realistic and accurate study plan.

Create a schedule for preparation

Break down all the important parts of what you have to study into smaller, manageable tasks. This can be done by making a detailed schedule of the study plan you have in time. You have to ensure that the study schedule you are making is set at a realistic deadline. Getting an understanding of the syllabus will help you understand how much time each topic is going to take and you can allot it accordingly after.

Creating the study plan

The second part of setting a study plan after creating a schedule is to actually segment the entire syllabus. These two steps should go hand in hand to ensure you do not miss out on any topics and assign ample time for each section. The examination is also in two parts, so plan your portion around it. Give importance to the topics that have a higher weightage and allot more time and effort to those topics. Spending days on a section that is worth only 2% of the exam and not spending more time on topics that have 20% weightage is going to negatively impact how you perform in the examination.

Keep solving practice papers

Regularly solving practice papers throughout the time you are preparing will give you more of an insight into how you are performing. You can track your progress and improvement over time by assessing your performance with each practice paper you solve. It will give you a more realistic outlook of your strengths, weaknesses, and which areas require more or less effort from your end.

Solve previous years’ question papers

Once you are done with the syllabus, a great way to get a better idea of what the examination will be like is to solve past questions papers. You will be able to understand how the questions are framed and how much time each section takes. This step will also help you build on your confidence for when you are actually going to appear for the exam because it will make you more prepared in general.

Keep track of current affairs and daily news

The MPPSC AE exam has a general awareness and current affairs section, which you need to prepare for as well. The best way to do so is by checking the news every day. You can download various news applications on your phone, read the newspaper, or watch the news on the television every day to keep yourself updated.

The MPPSC AE exam is a difficult examination to pass, which is why BYJU’s Exam Prep offers you with the study materials, notes, practice papers to help you qualify the exam. The best way to study for the examination is to spend time preparing every day, months in advance. Do not rush yourself for the paper because you want to give yourself enough time to gain the knowledge you need to pass.

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