How Do You Know When to Replace Your Footwear?

When you replace your shoes regularly, it can help you maintain good foot health. Many people wear shoes and sneakers past their expiration date because they do not know what to look for.

Generally, shoes or sneakers like Air Jordan 1 High University Blue with white leather upper bases are replaceable every eight to 12 months. You need to observe your shoes every few weeks to know if they are wearing them. This article will mainly focus on when to replace your footwear.

Indicators of when You Need to Replace Your Shoes

One of the rare indications of a shoe having undergone wear and tear is approaching the end of its life and not as supportive and comfortable as it used to be. As the materials of a sneaker or a shoe wear down, the cushioning and support start to compress, and the materials do not bounce back as much as they did.

Major Indicators of Wear on a Shoe

There are three leading indicators of wear on a sneaker: outsole wear, midsole compression, and upper/interior wear. To assess your sneakers, you need to use the following guidelines to determine if the shoes are damaged.

  • Outsole wear
  1. You need to look at the bottom of your sneakers to see if the sole is wearing down. You can identify high-pressure areas, and if it is worn out a lot, you need to replace the sneaker.
  2. Depending on your running form, normal wear begins to happen at the outside back of the heel and across the ball of the foot. It also indicates you ought to replace your shoes.
  • Midsole compression
  1. The midsole can absorb shocks during your activities, and this layer has EVA construction, suitable for mid compression during activities. However, with time, EVA starts to compress, visible creases and wrinkles.
  2. If you notice a good amount of creasing, your Air Jordan 1 High University Blue needs a replacement.
  • upper/interior wear
  1. You need to look for holes or compression of the soft materials like the heel counter, indicating that you need to replace the sneakers.
  2. If your shoelaces are light and are pulling towards the middle, it might not be a good fit for you.
  3. Though many people do not require to exchange their shoes after six months, you must look at them after six months to notice wear and tear.

Final Words

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