Shipment of Multiple Cars at A Time – How Does It Work? 

Many have an assumption that shipping multiple cars at a time is a hassle. This is not true. The technology has advanced so much that it has made it easier for car owners to easily ship multiple cars at a time. The car shipment services work exclusively in making the relocation work of the cars a hassle-free one. The same goes for the shipment of the classic car too.

Many services offer systematic shipment of classic cars and Ship a Car, Inc. is one such names. They have more than 35 years of experience in the field and can guarantee the systematic shipment of your classic cars. You can hire their service for shipping a classic car without any scratch or dent by visiting their webpage.

Multiple Car Shipment Guide

Here is a brief guide explaining the mode of multiple car shipments.

  • Right shipping method 

The best way of shipping multiple cars at a time is by finding the trailer that can fit all your cars together. This will avoid the chances of mix-ups during delivery. You can go with either an open-air hauling or closed hauling as per your requirement.

An enclosed trailer can haul 3 to 5 cars at a time and an open trailer can ship 7 to 10 cars at a time. Make a decision according to your preference.

  • Get in touch with a licensed interstate shipping service

For the expert and hassle-free shipment of your cars, you should find automobile shipping services that can offer interstate transportation of your vehicles. Look for the companies that can offer their license and certifications as required before hiring one for the shipment of your cars.

  • Shop around for the estimates 

Do not settle with the first car shipping service that offers the best price. You need to look around and get as many estimates as possible for the car shipment before making a final decision. You can get the quotes by looking through many websites and making a decision accordingly.

  • Cost for the vehicles 

The shipping cost for every vehicle varies according to its dimension and mode of transition. The other factors such as the make and model of the cars, distance from the source to the destination, type of transportation option that is chosen, the shipment time in a year, etc., will be taken into consideration before making a final decision.

  • Choosing a company 

You can finalize a car shipment service once you get the quotes for the required service, the years of experience of the shipping service, the customer reviews, the legitimacy of a company, the areas of service that are offered by any particular shipment company, and other such factors.

  • Get an insurance 

Now that you are all set to move your cars, you should not forget to get an insurance policy that can cover the possible damages that may occur during the shipment of your merchandise. The shipping service that you finalize for the transportation of your cars can be your helping aid in this case.

You can go through many such factors before making a decision on the transportation of your cars from source to the destination. Go thoroughly and pick wisely.

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