Tips For Making Gravestone Flowers Last Longer

Aside from taking care of the affordable cremate services, many believe that decorating graves with flowers or wreaths is one of the best ways for people to respect and honor the dead. Some feel a deep obligation to finish this task. Others view it as disrespectful to leave their relatives’ graves unadorned. This is especially true for small communities where neighbors and friends frequently visit the same graveyard.

Although wreaths or bouquets designed by florists may last longer, most of them only stay between 7 and 10 days.

You can make sure your floral tribute lasts much longer by using the tips and suggestions in this blog.

  1. Look for long-lasting, hardy flowers. Flowers are purchased locally, and in-season will last longer than those bought overseas. Both carnations, as well as chrysanthemums, can be sturdy and last long outdoors. You can check out cemetery flowers near me on the web to see more hardy flowers. 
  2. Lay them in floral foam. A bouquet placed over a grave with no water will make the flowers last very little. Put the cut flowers in water-resistant floral foam.

Get potted or cut flowers. While they offer brightly-colored flowers, they last much longer than a potted. The impact of a potted flower may be less, but it will last much longer if you take care.

  1. Put flowers on the grave. Many cemeteries will allow you to put bulbs or flowers on or near your loved one’s burial. This is a great way to bring life and color into their grave but may require some maintenance, depending on which plant you choose. Be sure to get permission from the cemetery before you start planting. Also, there are strict guidelines regarding what plants can be produced.
  2. Artificial Flowers. Stunning silk flowers are a great way to add color and beauty to a memorial.

Different cemeteries have their own rules and regulations regarding floral arrangements. Make sure to check before you buy anything to avoid disappointment.

Flowers are an important part of keeping your loved ones’ memory alive. These methods will help you keep your flowers secure to enjoy them for many years.

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