What Kind of Engagement Ring Would Be The Perfect One for You?

The choice of an engagement ring, symbol par excellence of the commitment in love, is not made lightly. Here are tips for choosing an engagement ring. From Alexander Sparks you can expect the best.

The Setting: What Is It?

The setting is the most delicate step in the manufacture of a jewel: it is the moment when the craftsman will seal the stone in the precious metal setting. For this, it goes through many different techniques: the closed setting (the stone is encircled by a metal edge), the prong setting (small metal rods, the claws hold the stone) or the grain setting (tiny metal balls are inserted between the stones to hold them).

This step is by far the most technical of manufacturing: carried out by hand and with a magnifying glass or microscope, it requires great skill and years of experience. And despite all the care that is taken, it is common for a stone to break during setting because a fragility of the stone has given way under the pressure. It is a risk of the profession that the jeweler takes responsibility for.

Some notions of vocabulary lovers, too: it means the craftsman specializing in the art of crimping a stone with the word “crimper “. We speak of “crimp” or “crimped” to talk about the part of the jewel that keeps the stone. Finally, the term “setting” is the action of setting a stone in a setting.

Want To Know More?

If you really want to learn all about the technical details of your future engagement ring, go right to the source. Talk to specialists. Their team is trained to be able to answer your questions, even the most detailed. So don’t hesitate any longer. They are available via chat, email, WhatsApp, phone or in stores.

The Choice of Style

Analyze the style of your future wife: wise, sharp, nature, fashion.

You have probably never asked yourself the question of the “style” of your future wife yet this point will be very useful in determining the type of engagement ring that will suit her best. To determine your fiancée’s style, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

  • What colors of clothing does she like to wear? Does she like sober colors (navy blue, black, white) or more marked (red, orange, and yellow, green)?
  • In general, does she rather like to be noticed or on the contrary does she shine with a discreet elegance?
  • Is she still keen to discover the new fashionable designer? Or does she prefer timeless clothes on the contrary?
  • Is she used to wearing precious jewelry? And if so, what are they like? Brilliant? Discreet? Cleaned? Colorful? Massive? Ends?

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These questions will give you a bundle of clues to determine the style of your future engagement ring. Of course, no woman fits a stereotype and our descriptions will not match your fiancée in every way. Just try to figure out which one fits her best and that will help you determine which type of ring will appeal to her the most.

The Creative Ring

Whether for clothes or accessories, she is not afraid to think outside the box. Without necessarily having an ostentatious style, she finds pleasure in differentiating herself whether it is with a pair of daring shoes, a colorful shawl or why not a bright red on the lips. She loves the beautiful, and is not afraid to carry precious objects. Never forget that it is better to favor sobriety and good taste over originality. If you are lost, opt for a simple solitaire or a paved solitaire.

Budget Framing

Because the engagement ring is such an expensive and precious item, it is necessary to set aside a specific amount of money to purchase it. As we all know, this is no little sum of money. Still, concentrating solely on the budget is not a smart idea: it is preferable to choose a genuinely personal wedding band that corresponds to your future bride rather than a highly expensive piece of jewelry that does not appear to be her at all. Choosing a poor-quality gem, on the other hand, that will not express the depth of your sentiments, constitutes a needless risk: the chance of seeming uncaring.

To guide you, here are some great budget principles. You won’t blame us for being a little more down to earth than usual, these are questions we are often asked. In the United States, the convention is that we choose a ring (often a simple diamond solitaire) for a budget representing 3 months of salary. Fortunately, in Europe, things are much freer and everyone decides how much to put in this valuable gem. However, it is said that between 1 and 2 months of salary is a good price range, one that will allow you to aim right, without jeopardizing your personal finances.

An idea to keep in mind: remember that your future wife will wear her engagement ring for many years to come. With age, she must not tire of a piece of jewelry that no longer meets her requirements. If you are in doubt, try to project yourself and imagine if she will still be wearing this jewel in 10 years.

Finally, one last piece of advice: if you hesitate between two jewels with different budgets, it is better to surprise your fiancée on the rise with a jewel that is slightly “too”, rather than taking the risk of appearing mean. Put yourself in her shoes: if your ring does not suit her, it will be easier for her to admit that she will not dare to wear her jewelry and thus ask for a return or exchange, rather than telling you that she find your “cheap” ring.

The Choice of Metal

The first question to ask concerning the metal is that of the color: white, yellow or pink? First, remember to look at the jewelry that your partner usually wears. Also know that today; the most popular metal by customers is by far white gold (50%), followed by pink gold (25%), platinum (15%) and finally l ‘yellow gold (10%).

White Gold In 50% of Cases

White gold is arguably the most common metal for an engagement ring. Its neutral color is easy to wear and will go wonderfully with all stone colors. 18K gold, whether white or another color is the hardest material used in jewelry and therefore the most resistant to time. The statistics speak for themselves, 50% of our customers choose a white gold engagement ring and are fully satisfied with it. If you hesitate between all the options, don’t take any risks and choose white gold.

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