What To Do Before and After a Dental Procedure Which Involves Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is an excellent way to provide a safe and anxiety-free dental experience to people who are scared of going to a dentist for a dental procedure. It is usually mistaken for inducing sleep. Rather, most sedatives allow the patient to remain awake throughout the procedure. Feeling sleepy is just a side-effect of some medications that only work to calm the anxiety levels of the patient during the dental visit.

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Why is sedation dentistry popular?

Most of the sedatives for sedation dentistry are taken orally which means you are not given any injection, no anxiety, and no pain. A good sedation dentist Rancho Bernaro will ensure that you are explained the entire procedure of pre-sedation and post-sedation and what kind of sedatives will be given to you.

Some sedatives work so well that you won’t even get the smell and details of the dental procedure to remember afterwards.

Pre-sedation dentistry instructions

  • If you are given nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or local anesthesia as a sedative, then eat a light meal a few hours before the procedure
  • If it is oral sedation that involves taking a pill then it is advisable not to eat for up to 6 hours before the procedure. You may drink clear liquids like water, juice, soda till two hours before the procedure
  • If it is IV sedation needed for an extremely deep dental procedure then it is advised not to eat the night before including solid, semi-solid food and dairy products. You may drink clear liquids like water or juice two hours before the procedure.
  • Wear loose garments with bare accessories and remove all rubber bands and hair bands before the procedure
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking 2 days before the procedure

Your sedation dentist 4S Ranch will ask you to be escorted by someone and will not allow you to go back alone after the sedation procedure. You will not be allowed to drive a vehicle or operate any heavy machinery. Following the completion of the dental procedure, you will be monitored until the anesthesiologist determines that you are stable and able to go for recovery.

Post-sedation instructions

  • Give your body proper rest and plan no activities for the day
  • Take your time when moving, use assistance as much as possible
  • Don’t drink anything till you are completely awake and start with small quantities of clear water
  • Resume taking prescribed medications once you start drinking fluids
  • Start slowly from soups to solid foods

Follow these instructions and you are good to go for any dental procedure without any fear. Sedation dentistry 4S Ranch offers safety and compliance to both the patient and the dentist for a successful, anxiety-free procedure.

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