Why Clamp Handling Is Essential for Packaging Industry?

If you can manage to improve your productivity all across your supply chain then it is invaluable. It can save you money, and with all those savings, you can pass it down to your consumers to become more competitive.

One of the ways of improving your productivity can be bringing in a carton clamp instead of simply using any traditional forklifts in your operation. This can surely help you to save some time.

How do you handle certain specific materials like hay, paper rolls, or other such items? Probably you are using a certain clamping arrangement that is attached to your forklift.

What is clamp handling?

Clamp handling can be called a way to transport various boxes and parcels by using any equipment that can secure the load and then raise it off the ground by using clamps that can move horizontally.

A clamp truck is able to raise almost every item or set of goods, which has been fastened, securely unlike a forklift which needs that the items must be placed on either a skid or any pallet just before they are being lifted.

The advantages of clamp-handling trucks

In most cases, clamp-handling trucks will replace forklifts in various operations and offer several advantages.

  • They require less strategic manoeuvring
  • They can be much faster to load and unload.
  • Warehousing facilities can transport more goods much faster.

As a result, it benefits the entire supply chain from beginning to end.

Besides intermodal containers, these clamp-handling trucks are also extensively used for offloading large consignments of imported goods and products, mainly from abroad. A clamp-handling truck can be quite helpful because these cargoes are normally unloaded by hand, which is costly and time-consuming.

The problems with clamp handling

The truth is that clamp handling is not fool-proof and requires some pretty delicate balance, despite its inherent advantages and the potential for time savings and productivity increase.

By exerting too much effort, the clamps can easily “crush” the loads they are holding, yet not enough force can cause the load to fall. In either case, there will probably be harm.

As a result, more and more businesses that wish to use clamp-handling vehicles are looking to the packaging industry for solutions to their issues.

How packaging industries are responding?

Packaging businesses are aware that there can be a risk of product damage even though clamp-handling vehicles are unquestionably an upgrade over many outmoded procedures.

Because of this, packaging businesses need to be aware of their entire supply chain. Even if they are not using clamp handling trucks themselves, the facility where the finished product is kept very well may, therefore it is important to take the necessary safety precautions.

Although clamp handling is not a brand-new technology, many businesses in the food industry have still not adopted it.

However, as it continues to gain popularity, food packaging businesses must consider how to safeguard their products from the horizontal pressure necessary to transport food safely, whether within their own facilities or elsewhere in the supply chain.

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