Petrol Credit Cards in Singapore for Fuel Discounts 

Utilising a credit card for petrol in Singapore is practically mandatory for any type of motorcyclist or skilled driver. Petroleum credit cards obtain you such a big price cut that it doesn’t make sense not to use them, if you’re paying for your petrol online or with cash, then you’re simply throwing cash away.

As petrol prices are skyrocketing, you’re most likely to intend to save as much as you potentially can. We’ve done the study for you, as well as identified the best credit card for petrol Singapore, so you don’t need to wipe your splits with your invoice from the petrol station.

Best Credit Card for Petroleum Discounts in Singapore

While there are lots of credit cards having tie-ups with petrol stations, we have chosen the three ideal cards that are among the most flexible, as well as can be used in practically any type of petrol station.

Citi Cash Money Back Card: Esso and Shell Credit Card Price Cuts

    • Faster Gift Redemption
  • Immediate Discount Rate at Esso and Shell: 14%
  • Maximum financial savings at Esso and Shell: 20.88%
  • Cash Back in any way various other petrol stations: 8%

Petrol Attributes

  • Base cashback rate: 0.25% on all fuel deals.
  • Qualified petrol sellers include filling stations, and automated fuel dispensers worldwide.
  • An additional 7.75% cashback will be put on your credit transactions if you spend at least S$800 on your card per declaration month.
  • Esso: 5% Esso site discount with 5% Esso Smiles discount rate with 4% Citi card price cut with 8% cashback, online purchase after price cuts, and thus, complete 20.88% cost savings properly.
  • Shell: 5% Shell site price cut with 5% Shell Getaway discount rate with 4% Citi card price cut with 8% cashback, on a net purchase after discount rates, and thus, overall, 20.88% cost savings effectively.

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While some credit cards only supply credit card discount rates at specific chains, the Citi Cash Card provides some sort of discount rate at any petrol station.

  • Esso: 20.88% fuel discount
  • Shell: 20.88% fuel cost discount
  • Various other petrol stations: 8% cashback

OCBC 365 Card, Esso, Caltex, and Sinopec Credit Card Discounts

    • High investment in dining: Approximately 23%
    • Maximum savings at Esso or Caltex
    • Instantaneous Discount at Caltex/ Esso: 16%/14%
  • Cashback in all Other Petrol Stations: 5%

Fuel Attributes

  • As much as 23% price cut at Caltex: 16% ahead of time price cut on Platinum 98 with Techron Caltex with 4.2% cashback with minimum S$800 spend with 2.8% cashback with minimum S$300 net fuel invest.
  • As much as 20.4% discount at Esso: 14% upfront price cut with 4.3% cashback with minimum S$800 spend with 2.1% cashback with minimum S$ 200 net credit spend.
  • 5% cashback on fuel investment whatsoever credit filling station locally, as well as overseas.

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Similar to the Citi Money Card, the OCBC 365 Card supplies differing price cuts in all petroleum solution chains:

  • Sinopec: 26.8% credit savings
  • Caltex: 22.1% fuel savings
  • Esso: 20.2% credit savings
  • Other petrol stations: 5% cashback

UOB One Card: Shell and Special Card Price Cut

  • Maximum Cost savings at Shell or SPC: As much as 24%
  • Instantaneous Discount at Shell/SPC: 10%/15%
  • Cash back in all other petrol stations: As much as 5%

Petrol Attributes

  • At SPC Stations, as much as a 24% financial discount on fuel purchases
  • At Shell Stations, as much as 20.8% cost savings on credit purchases

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UOB is a companion of Shell, as well as SPC, so utilising a UOB card to pay at these petrol stations will gain you a fuel discount. On top of your credit savings, you can additionally gain cashback as per the common credit card vehicle mechanics.

On an excellent planet, the card would bring your maximum petrol financial savings to:

  • Shell: 21.15% discount
  • SPC: 24% discount rate
  • Various other petrol stations: as much as 5% cashback

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