Cosplayers at the Comic Con: Here’s What You Need to Know

In late October, the ExCel Centre will play host to London’s most anticipated convention: the third annual MCM Comic Con. Cosplay has evolved over many years to become an integral component of conventions. Whatever your cosplay experience level, from trying it out for the first time to becoming a highly competent competitor, there’s always something for you to do. At Comic Con, like at all previous comic book and pop culture conventions organised by ReedPop, you may find Cosplay Central.

Not only does MCM have enough to offer cosplayers, but it also gives those who don’t dress up a chance to see the incredible work that goes into the costumes of the cosplayers who do attend. Fan gatherings have long been a focal part of the MCM scene. Fans may suggest formal gatherings at any of the convention center’s many available locations. Anything from a dance-off between anime characters to a photoshoot between DC and Marvel may take place at one of these formal meetings.

Preparing to Don a Disguise

Planning beforehand and being well-organized are crucial if you want to enjoy the weekend as a cosplayer. Preparing for a convention as a cosplayer may be a nerve-wracking ordeal, especially if anything goes wrong. As cosplayers, we are all too familiar with “Con Crunch,” the phenomenon that occurs when we fail to finish a project until the very last minute, while having enough time to do so. Choosing the Starfire and Raven is essential here.

Choosing the Right Costumes

Cosplay costumes may be bought in their entirety from a number of online stores, pieced together from a number of different retail outlets, or made from scratch using a broad range of materials. Some of the biggest names in e-commerce have their roots in China, and their custom-made clothing services need advance notice. Conversely, ready-to-ship costumes that don’t need to be altered often arrive much sooner. Ready-made cosplays may be purchased from a variety of online retailers.

There is a whole other side to cosplay that is far more casual than the elaborate costumes that some people create. It’s fairly uncommon to create a basic, at-home cosplay outfit with stuff already in your closet, and you don’t need to go into debt to dress as your favourite character. It’s not uncommon for attendees to want to look the part each day of the conference, but a more casual outfit is necessary for things like shopping and getting back in the car. Since movies and TV shows often include the more common clothes that helps characters blend in, there is always a great number of diversity available to choose from.

Helping out with Cosplay

A lot of gear is necessary for a cosplayer to bring to the conference itself. Whether it’s their first time cosplaying or they’ve been doing it for years, everyone who dresses up as their favourite character for a convention or other event faces the same difficulties. A costume, no matter how well-made, may suffer damage during shipment or be worn out during the convention, necessitating alterations or repairs. MCM’s dedicated cosplay section, previously known as Cosplay Central, is just one of the many reasons the convention is so great. You can get all the supplies you need to fix your costume and have it looking like new again at the Cosplay Hospital at Cosplay Central. All the supplies you’ll ever need, from glue and tape to paints and sewing kits, are free of charge at Cosplay Central.

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