How to Book a Yacht Trip in Tenerife?

How to Book a Yacht Trip in Tenerife

In Tenerife and other resort areas, vacations or celebrations on yachts, motorboats, and other watercraft are quite popular. This has a number of advantages, as relaxation or a simple boat trip is definitely a great choice. Yacht rental is a developed business and clients won’t have much difficulty in closing a deal and choosing a yacht in Tenerife. Charter companies offer a huge selection of boats, ranging from standard to elite and expensive ones. However, a yacht trip today is not a luxury, as some offers will be affordable for most clients and won’t hit their pockets too hard.

Small groups of people who intend to have a good time on an exciting trip often use yacht rental services. This way, the rental costs can be divided among the participants, making the total amount insignificant.

Booking a Yacht Trip: Features

Many companies that organize yacht trips in Tenerife are ready to offer a range of options, including basic and additional services. Some have a rather extensive list of services, which is a plus. Typically, a customer books the yacht itself, and the service includes only the vessel with a skipper. In addition, you can order the following services:

  • food preparation, serving dishes and drinks;
  • professional tour guide;
  • extended hours for the trip;
  • the need to make a gift certificate or invitation.

Services may vary depending on the company providing the rental. A yacht trip differs from charter flight services or lengthy celebrations with a banquet hall. Clients usually book a yacht trip for 2-3 hours, often for romantic getaways or gatherings with friends.

Stages of Booking a Yacht

Before choosing a suitable yacht from the catalog, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the rental rules and conditions. For example, to ensure everything goes smoothly and on time, it is best to book the boat a few days or even a week in advance. This way, the company will reserve the yacht for your desired date. Every company requires a prepayment from the client, which is made on the day of booking. The amount varies and depends on the company, with a minimum of 50% of the total cost.

You can calculate the rental cost based on your requests either through the company’s contacts or online on their website. For example, Barcelona Boat Rental offers the option of online calculation. After making a prepayment, a rental agreement or contract must be signed. This serves as your guarantee that you have paid the funds, and the company bears full responsibility for any shortcomings. The contract stipulates all the nuances and conditions, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before signing.

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