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Safety Preventive Measures Of Aluminium Stair Tread

Staircases are one of the structural components that are inevitably considered the finest addition that adds to the interior glamorization and beauty of a place. This type of stair composition links multiple storeys of a building in the most elegant manner. The raw sources which are used to design, construct, and assemble stairways are wood, metal, aluminium, plastic, etc. Apart from the materials invested in the construction, it is the design and styling which makes stair presentation different from each other.

In the component analysis of staircases, the integral element which forms the ground basis is the stair treads. The stair treads is the horizontal surface of the stair on which a person let his feet on to exhibit motion ability. Aluminium stair treads are the safest and quite a common choice of staircase installation in houses. These are used in combination with metal staircases that are often seen to grace outdoor locations. In such cases, hard diamond aluminium oxide abrasives are treated to form bonded aluminium and metal stair treads.

Stair treads are not only part of the conventional stairs; there are other structures which make use of treads too. These include ramps, walkways, flooring, decking, industrial platforms, ladders, fire exits in heighted buildings, etc. In all such architectural stair designs, the recruitment of aluminium treads is an investment that is meant to avoid slippage, an effective slip resistant.

Features of aluminium stair tread

Aluminium is often used to build-up structures for both indoors and outdoors quite gracefully. Stair treads is one such example of a premium aluminium crafted product. Aluminium stair treads is light in weight, slip resistant, termite and insect resistant, and 100% recyclable when installed. In addition to it, these treads are weatherproof which make it ideal for outdoors too. These are suitable choice for residential and commercial installations as are affordable and versatile in action. It is the industrial look in the treads that architecturally wins as in storage factories and warehouses.

Types of aluminium stair tread

There are three different versions of aluminium stair treads which are launched mainly to the market demands. The differences that lies in the individuality of such treads make them stand out differently. These are

  • Extruded stair treads, which are suitable for indoors, in particularly industrial premises
  • Expanded stair treads, ideal for outdoors where these are slant in design which can aid in the falling-off of debris
  • Fabricated stair treads, manufactured from tread plate

All of these stair treads are exclusively found in one or two colours as per treads. Such different morphological and sizing customization collectively exhibits a perfectly modern chic look to the stairs.

Preventive measures from stair tread

Aluminium is a safe and the stair treads made out of it are also risk-reduction solution from the accidental risks associated from stairs. The wear and tear is markedly avoided by the use of aluminium stair treads and nosing. In addition to it, the impact of load over the stairs is significantly balanced by treads. Thus, high traffic areas and these treads go well along which is a bold decision with respect to the construction point of view.

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