Six Ways to Bet on Dragon Tiger Card Games and Win

If you are looking for an easy yet exciting casino card game, then the Dragon Tiger Card game can be your favourite. It is a fast-action game that perfectly suits the player who always feels a shortage of time. There will be two boxes on the Table, one labelled as Dragon and the other labelled as Tiger. Now players bet on one of the boxes and make a wild guess about which box will get the highest card.

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger

The Game starts with a wild guess about the box and puts chips on that option. Then the dealer starts the Game by drawing the card for each box. Now the participant who wins the highest card will win the bet. Here the dealer shuffled the deck 6 to 8 times before drawing. In the Game, the ace holds the lowest value while the king has the highest value. You will get 1X of every betting amount if you win the deals. But if the bet receives a tie, you will get at least 50% of your betting amount.

Six Way To Play and Win Online Dragon Tiger

If you are playing the dragon tiger game on an online platform, you must learn the rule and the ranking more efficiently. Though beginners often take wild guesses about the boxes, if you follow a knit strategy, you can predict correctly and secure your winning.

  • Avoid the Tie bets- Though the offer of a tie is quite tempting, it makes you feel like at least you have not wasted the rest half, but in reality, you only lose. Now, if you are playing on fairplay, the highest odds you will get is 8:1. If you calculate the card combination and drawing opportunity, you will realize that the chances of winning a bet placed on a tie are pretty lower.
  • Place The Bet On One of The Box- Both boxes have a 50:50 chance of winning. If you play wisely and spend your chips with intelligence, you will either lose or win. But the damage can be recovered in the next round. And suppose both boxes get the same card; then at least you will get half of your wagering amount. For example, If you play the online dragon tiger game on the fairplay website, you will get almost 3.73% of the house edge, which will surely cover your previous or future losses.
  • Observe the Game Closely- if you do not know anything about a card game, then the dragon tiger game can allow you to learn it from the deck. Recall the betting kinds and “card: rank: points.”. Usually, a platform follows six kinds of betting. Prior to placing a bet, understand the odds.
  • Keep Tracking the Card- If you do not like to track the record, then you will not be able to win the Game. For example, if there is a 7s and it is losing, check how many 7s are left there. The same thing can be done with the 8s and higher. Tracking will help you to identify when to place the bets.
  • Overlook the Betting System- If you accidentally get a betting system format, keep it aside because it will not work for you in the entire field. Instead, if you try to memorize the cards, ranks and points, record the cards, and keep practising, you will get the best benefits.
  • Choose A Trustworthy Platform- I do not know if it can be counted on the strategy, but if you want to earn some real cash, then the best possible way to win and make is by trusting a platform that hosts a legit game. Many online casinos provide lower house edge and amazing odds but are untrustworthy because their returns are not great. But a trusted online platform like fairplay can give you the best opportunity to win the big, and if you want, you can practise from these platforms to make your strategy more strategic.

Final Words

No matter what you play or where a card game needs your focus because it requires strategy. To identify and modify the process, you must practice focusing on the Game with the help of an online platform like fairplay. When it comes to Dragon Tiger, though, it looks like a wild guess; a pro player knows exactly when they can get the highest chance to win, and at that point, they played their trump card.

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